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10' x 10' Walk-In Mortuary Cooler AMC Model #1010

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AMC Model #1010 Walk-In Mortuary Cooler

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by American Mortuary Coolers

American Mortuary Coolers is the best resource for affordable mortuary and body coolers for sale utilizing one of the best, most reliable American made compressor systems. We are the premier source for all mortuary coolers.

Morgue & mortuary body refrigerators are available in both custom and standard sizes for your convenience. 

Installation Difficulty: Level 2 (This unit is not available pre-assembled)

2-3 Hours installation time. 

Tools Needed: Cam-Lock wrench (provided by us), power drill, basic drill bits, socket wrench, 6' level, rubber mallet, and a tape measure.


External (O.D.): 10' 0" x 10' 0" x 7' 6 1/2"  Length x Width x Height 

Compressor Specs +21" of height to external dims

Internal (I.D.): 9' 5 1/4" x 9' 5 1/4" x 7' 3 1/8"  Length x Width x Height 

Wall Finishes: Acrylume/Embossed - 26 Ga. - interior & exterior (silver finish)

Ceilings: Acrylume/Embossed - 26 Ga. - interior Galvanized/Embossed - 26 Ga. - exterior Panel Thickness Walls: 3.375" UL Listed Class 1 Foam Ceilings: 3.375" UL Listed Class 1 Foam


Not included. Set-up on your existing concrete surface. If placing cooler on the 2nd floor, a floor is required.

Panel Gaskets

Flexible NSF vinyl gaskets shall be adhesive-backed and installed on the exterior edge of the rail “tongue”. Gaskets shall be impervious to stains, grease, oils, and mildew.


CFC free urethane insulation shall have a 97% closed-cell structure. Class 1 rated urethane foam to have thermal conductivity (K-Factor) of not less than .120 BTU/hr per degree F/ inch and overall heat transfer coefficient (U-Factor) of not more than .030 BTU/hr sq ft. All foam panels to be supplied with Class 1 fire hazard insulation certified by Underwriters Laboratories as having a flame spread of 25 or less and smoke generation of 450 or less when tested in accordance with ASTM-E-84.


Door Size Standard: 36" x 81" (call for other sizes or multiple doors)

Choose door hinge and location on the drop-down menu.

Electrical Specifications

    • 208-230/1/60, 9.5 amps, includes plug and NEMA 6-15R receptacle
    • Top mount refrigeration system optimized for indoor use.
    • Maximum vertical storage capacity
    • Unit weight 207 lbs.
    • Depth: 52
    • Height: 17.5 
  • Compressor Specs +21" of height to external dims) Actual is 17.5"

  • Width: 24.5
  • Medium Temperature
  • R404A
  • NEMA Plug 6-20R is supplied 
  • 5 years compressor and parts warranty from date of shipment within Continental USA (labor is not included)
  • No refrigerant piping required, Pre-charged with refrigerant
  • Evaporative condensate pan, no drain line needed


A Forklift and or appropriate equipment is required to unload the cooler. Customer is responsible for any damage incurred at un-load. Any damage must be noted on the delivery paperwork at the time of delivery. Our liability is released once the unit is in possession of the freight carrier. No exceptions to this policy. 


All American Mortuary walk-ins are test assembled in our plant before shipment to assure that all the panels and parts fit together and meet our stringent quality standards. We provide a layout drawing with each panel labeled and a manual with pictures to assist in easy assembly. The walk-in will go together better than any other walk-in on the market. Most installation problems, if any, have to do with site preparation. By taking your time and following instructions, any person should be able to install our walk in. If you have additional questions please call us at 1-888-792-9315.

All of our Walk-in boxes are manufactured using 100% U.S. made materials. We offer references in almost every state.

    Drawings and Sketches are copyrighted, may be used only with permission.


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